$50 Opt-in Funnel
You know you need an opt-in on your site, but you're stuck on WHAT.
You want to stand out from everyone else out there, provide something personalized to your business, and send emails that bring in leads.
Let's sit down for an hour and get this item ticked off your to-do list!!!
The 1 Hour Opt-in Funnel Session includes:
  • 5 question survey to reveal some insights about your offering
  • Guided brainstorm to identify the best opt-in, email sequence, and featured offer for your business
  • A PowerPoint detailing your opt-in, tools to build it, topics for your 5 email welcome sequence, and strategy to convert leads into customers
  • Guided screen share for any miscellaneous tech questions
I'd recommend Meghan's services to anyone who is struggling to organize their thoughts on the best way to execute a digital plan. I have all these great ideas swimming around my head, but I'm so new to digital marketing that I don't always know how to implement and I'm easily distracted by cool tools. Meghan is very personable and easy to talk to - she's great at simplifying her message so I was easily able to understand what she shared. Our talk, and the resulting slides and video, have helped me map out exactly what steps to take next. My funnel looks to be much less complicated than I originally thought. I'm super grateful for the clarity provided!
- April Swales - Dream and Co Travel
I walked into the session with only a general idea of what an opt-in funnel was...I knew it was important, but couldn't figure out how to apply it to my business. Meghan explained everything perfectly. We jumped right into things, used our time wisely, and I got new ideas for services to offer and a realistic/professional opt-in idea tailored to fit my specific business model. My services along with my opt-in plan are much more cohesive now. And the tools review was greatly appreciated to ensure I have a seamless on-boarding process. I'm beyond motivated to get everything in place thanks to our time together! 
- Susan Stalte - B2B RD, LLC

I believe the entrepreneurial business model is the future of commerce and the ultimate path to a balanced, dream-worthy lifestyle. You can have a career you love, a healthy income, and freedom. I passionately support entrepreneurs like you with extraordinary project management, every step of the way. I tackle big goals, take care of those details, and motivate your team. Whether you're creating a launch, sales funnel, webinar, course design or more, hand it over to Magnetize Projects. While you generate new business and work with clients; I'll manage your projects.

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