Launch your next project with confidence
and under strong leadership.
Do you want to grow your business?
Do you have critical project ideas, but no time for project management?
Does another big launch sound like a headache?
Where are you today?
Does any of this sound familiar?
  • Your day is full; you're busy with clients, team management, and relationship building.
  • You have multiple projects needing attention, but, how to prioritize?
  • You worry you'll be your project team's bottle-neck. How will it get done?
  • In your last project launch, details were missed. You have too much on your plate.
At Magnetize Projects, we know the challenge of running a multi-faceted business. And we organize and run your projects with leadership, experience, and confidence, giving you more time and peace of mind to focus where you're needed.
With Magnetize:
Project Delivery is:
Meanwhile, behind the scenes:
Magnetize Projects partners with you to lead and manage your most important projects. We are strategic, laser-eye focused on details, and motivate your team to deliver results.
Project Management Retainer 
$1500 per month
  • 20 hours per month
  • Team meeting management
  • Managing goals and new ideas
  • Designing projects
  • Managing project prioritization
  • Working with team to achieve project goals
  • Providing strategic direction for digital marketing efforts, automation, and team management
  • Creating Loom training videos and documentation
Individual Project Accountability & Motivation
$225 per week
  • 1 hour recorded weekly meeting throughout project including:
  •   - Accountability & Motivation
  •   - Review of plan and tasks for the week
  •   - Brainstorm and strategy discussions
  •   - Tech Q&A and demonstrations
  • Project plan outlined in Asana
  • Management of weekly tasks in Asana
  • Email support and Loom video tutorials as needed
Projects include:
  • Launches
  • List Building
  • Sales Page Development
  • Funnels & Ad Campaigns
  • Webinar & Video Development
  • Course/Product Design
  • Course/Product/Membership Build
  • Have something else in mind?
    Let's chat!
Meghan was a tremendous resource to me when I was launching a new business. She's a wealth of information and well established at helping people like me figure out what's next and how to go about it. She's also well connected and gave me several leads to get things off the ground. She's organized in her business and helped me maneuver what could have been some tricky situations. Meghan saved me time and money. Any business would be at an advantage to work with Meghan.
- Windi Julias, Beck + Call
Frequently Asked Questions
What strategies are included in the project plan?
Here are some areas where I provide strategy and expertise in my projects:

Aligning project goals with overall business strategy

Crafting detailed project plans with not one small task missing

Building support materials such as checklists, QA docs, and reports

Developing launch strategy

Creating funnel and ad campaign design

Team management

Comprehensive status updates

Do you provide a team or work with mine?
I can work with your team or provide one as needed.
Partner with Magnetize Projects to take care of your next growth project.

I believe the entrepreneurial business model is the future of commerce and the ultimate path to a balanced, dream-worthy lifestyle. You can have a career you love, a healthy income, and freedom. I passionately support entrepreneurs like you with extraordinary project management, every step of the way. I tackle big goals, take care of those details, and motivate your team. Whether you're creating a launch, sales funnel, webinar, course design or more, hand it over to Magnetize Projects. While you generate new business and work with clients; I'll manage your projects.

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